A Go-Go Detour Uptown Through Washington DC’s U Street Corridor

The Go-Go music culture has been added, among many other cities across the world, to Detour.

What exactly is Detour?


Detour is a beautifully produced GPS audio platform app for location-based audio experiences. This particular app, which is available on iOS and Android, takes you on walks beneath the surface of cities around the world revealing what makes each city unique, covering history, culture, art, food, and features incredible storytelling and narrators from these cities.

handdetourapp22Among the 150 tours that it provides is a guided virtual walking tour of Washington DC’s U Street Corridor and Go-Go music’s history, that helped it overcome the devastation of the ‘68 riots. The walk, which is narrated by Kato Hammond, takes you from St. Augustine’s Chapel to the Howard Theatre, hitting spots in between, such as the Reeves Center, Meridian Hill Park (Malcolm X Park) Ben’s Chili Bowl, Industrial Bank, Lil Benny Way, Masonic Temple, Lincoln Theatre, The African American Civil War Memorial, 960 Club, Chuck Brown Way and much more. Also included in this virtual tour are stories from Andre “Whiteboy” Johnson (Rare Essence), Charles Stephenson (The Beat) and Virginia Ali (Ben’s Chili Bowl), and features notable music from Rare Essence, Little Benny and The Masters, Ivan Goff, Jas Funk, DJ Flexx and DJ Rico.

For more information and preview, visit HERE!

How It All Started: The Birth of TMOTTGoGo

In this clip Kato Hammond recounts the concept, methods and inspiration the manifested the birth of TMOTTGoGo
21 years ago, which today is referred to as the number #1 trusted voice in the DC Go-Go music culture.


Shopping For Good Health

As I jump back into a schedule of counting my calories, it’s time to take a little trip to the store to do a
little big of grocery shopping. Something that I’m really not fond of doing.

Attending the 10th Annual 2017 Erin Peterson Fund Gospel Celebration of Life

Taking a weekend trip through West Virginia. Then ending it by attending the 10th Annual 2017 Erin Peterson Fund Gospel Celebration of Life, featuring Isreal Houghton and New Breed and hosting by Jacquie Gales Webb, in memory of Erin Peterson, the young lady who was among the 32 students tragically taken away from us during the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007.

The Erin Peterson Scholarship Fund is a non-profit organization that has given away more than $180,000 in scholarships and grants in honor of the life and legacy of Erin Peterson. For more information on how you can make contributions, visit: http://ErinPetersonFund.org.

A Day In The Life

Spend the day with me as I take little time out to bring you along one of my daily activities.  Putting in some voice over studio work today.

When one door closes, OTHERS open!

When one door closes, OTHERS open!


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• “Darling Ranch” by Jingle Punks
• “Get Back” by Silent Partnet

Me, My Kids and Childish Gambino

Kids keep you in the know of things in the pop culture world.


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• “Saturday Groove” by John Deley
• “Get Back” by Silent Partner

Partial illustration in thumbnail by ZackBobBob

How To You Build A Strong Community

It is our obligation to use our platforms to help others. (watch video clip below)


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• “Get Back” by Silent Partner
• “Hey Girl” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena