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About Kato Hammond

Kevin “Kato” Hammond is a Media Mogul and Musician. He is the owner of Take Me Out To The Go-Go, Inc. (TMOTTGoGo), which comprises Take Me Out To The Go-Go Digital Magazine, TMOTTGoGo Radio, TMOTT Website and Graphic Design, and Otakcity Publishing. The TMOTTGoGo brand gains attention from outside media outlets for its designation as “the official gateway to a Washington, DC music culture.” Such platforms as Vibe Magazine, WETA, NPR, TV One’s Unsung and the National Museum of African American History and Culture have made Kato Hammond and TMOTTGoGo a significant source of information about the Go-Go music culture. Hammond’s history as a musician includes serving as Lead Vocalist and Guitarist for Pure Elegance, Little Benny and the Masters, and Proper Utensils.
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Saturday, September 24th was the grand opening for the SMITHSONIAN NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE. The Ribbon-Cutting was performed by PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. These are two photographs of part of the Chuck Brown Go-Go display.
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Take Me Out To The GoGo
This story is fundamental to American culture, authentic, and antithetical to the usual narrative of how Black men come of age, mature, and make their own dreams come true. The Godfather of Go-Go Media’s artful voice is relentlessly resilient, and his lens picks up the extraordinary in the everyday.

I Want To Play Too!
A young Kato looks up to his cousin BJ and wants to play the guitar just like him. And even though BJ does not want him to touch his guitar, for fear of breaking this strings, Kato wants to learn anyway. But just wait until you see what happens when BJ places his guitar down and leaves the room.
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When one door closes, OTHERS open! ——————– Music played in this clip: • “Darling Ranch” by Jingle Punks • “Get Back” by Silent Partnet


Kids keep you in the know of things in the pop culture world. ———- Music used in the clip: • “Saturday Groove” by John Deley • “Get Back” by Silent Partner Partial illustration in thumbnail by ZackBobBob


It is our obligation to use our platforms to help others. (watch video clip below) ———– Music used in the clip: • “Get Back” by Silent Partner • “Hey Girl” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena


In season four of Fresh Prince suddenly introduced us to a brand new, much lighter, much more docile Aunt Vivian. Janet Hubert was replaced by Daphne Maxwell-Reid over some kind of contractual breach and ongoing disputes with Will Smith.   Watch video clip below:

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