You know something?  There is one particular action that could legitimately discontinue a whole lot you do businesswise, in my opinion, and socially.  It will make your entire efforts to this factor out of date and worthless.  An attitude that will totally deflate everything you’ve done. A notion approach to a dead-end. And a stop sign that will invalidate all that you’ve done up to this minute. It’s called quitting. Straight up stopping.

You see, in the event you discontinue, all else stops too. Momentum ceases to exist. And it will make what you’ve completed worthless.

It’s failing…. getting an incomplete or an “F” on a paper. Although nobody wishes to be known as a slacker, in many cases we do it consistently in some form or fashion. We quit on ourselves… which is basically saying “F**k you” to ourselves. We quit on our fantasies. We sqash on our dreams.

But if you have the option is to continue, then for heaven’s sake… CONTINUE.

I understand that there are all kinds of dumb reasons you can come up with for why you shouldn’t continue. But answer this question for me.  What is important now? I mean absolutely right now.  What is the most important thing you should be doing?

This is your life that we are talking about here. If you don’t master what’s happening NOW, chances are you will never master the future… and your destiny will be unsure.  NOW is the critical. NOW is the one thing we know for certain that we have.  NOW is the only time we are 100% guaranteed.  And the uncertain part is, we don’t know for how long.

Therefore, if you are thinking about quitting, think about why you started in the first place. Don’t worry about what it will take to get it ALL done.  Just continue to give it all you have.  Go hard. Take this moment to the next level and never back down.

If fact, the next time you think about quitting, think of all those people… your friends, your co-workers, and your family who are watching you.  They want to be inspired by you. Don’t let them down. You will never let them down if you never let yourself down. Pick yourself back up, brush the dust off your shoulders, look yourself in the mirror and smile knowing that one day, you will become the winner that you desire and know you must be.

Giving up will always be an option to many. But never ever let it be YOUR choice.

Final Question:

Would you tolerate this activity in your child?  No?  Well then, YOU stop acting like a child and grow up. Period. End of discussion. Get back to work!


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