A Message To All 50 Year Olds

One thing I have always enjoyed is listening to the stories, advice, and wisdom from people who I deemed to be very creative, knowledgeable, and especially inspiring in the subjects that they speak on. As long as I can remember, as far back as to my teen years, I have always enjoyed listening to speakers such as Leo Buscalglia, Les Brown, Dr. Tony Evans, etc. And there is no doubt in my mind that growing up and being inspired by these people and others is the reason that I now enjoy inspiring, motivating and encouraging others. It was basically embedded in me. Especially on the subjects of self appreciation, self-love and self-worth. Regardless of what the subject may have been, if it was something that I was able to find a way to positively apply to my life and growth, I would absorb it in many ways possible. This includes watching them speak with programmers through the PBS channel and programs, reading books that they would release and collecting tapes and other recordings that they would also release.

With the coming the internet brought to me more avenues and quicker access of being able to obtain these types of material. And this particular video right here, that was released by Gary Vaynerchuk to me serves the same purpose… especially the subject that it touches on. Because another thing that I have to admit since turning the age of 50, is that a whole bunch of reality situations and thoughts began surfacing that I never thought about before. The whole realization of having now reached the age where I once upon a time deemed to be senior. I’ve reached that point.

Therefore, sometimes thoughts of not having yet accomplished things in life get cloudy, causing the mind into starting to believe that it’s too late to accomplish them. Although, I know deep inside that this isn’t true, sometimes the surface of the mind gets into these petty battles with what’s real and what isn’t. This is why I find videos like this one here to be inspiring reminders, just as I always have with the other speakers growing up. It’s all about achievement, ability and the will in being justifiable towards continued growth.


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